We’re going to tell you something that many tax resolution companies won’t tell you: Yes, you can call the IRS yourself and talk to them directly about setting up a Fresh Start Program or an Offer In Compromise Program. Yes, you can do it yourself. Yes, you don’t have to pay anyone for their help or expertise. Yes, the IRS even has information about its Fresh Start Program and its Offer In Compromise Program right on their website, and yes, those IRS representatives you talk to when you call are able to answer your questions… but only to a certain degree.


Okay, now that we told you that you can talk to the IRS directly about an Offer In Compromise Program or a Fresh Start Program, we want to tell you that it’s not easy to talk to the IRS about your tax debt or another tax issue by yourself. First, no one wants the pressure of talking to an IRS representative because the goal of that IRS representative is to get your money — not to cut you a deal. Second, you could wait an hour or longer before the IRS takes your call and then the pressure is on you to say the right things.

And if that’s not enough to ruin your day, the IRS requires you to have certain information to prove who you say you are before they’ll even talk to you.


Here are some of the things that the IRS could ask you for before they’ll talk to you.

  • The Social Security numbers and birth dates for those who were included on the tax return. That means your kids and spouse. This is one time you really don’t want to miss your spouse’s birthdate. 
  • An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number letter if the taxpayer has an ITIN instead of an SSN
  • You must know the filing status from your last tax return, but this might be easy. Your options are single, head of household, married filing jointly, married filing separate, or qualifying widow or widower with a dependent child
  • You’ll need the prior-year tax return if you filed one. Phone representatives may need to verify taxpayer identity with information from the return before answering certain questions
  • A copy of the tax return in question if you’re calling about a particular tax issue
  • And any IRS letters or notices sent to you  by the IRS.

For these reasons and for other reasons you may want a tax professional to deal with the IRS on your behalf. Especially if you are seeking a Fresh Start Initiative or an Offer In Compromise a tax professional knows what to say and who to talk to so that your interests are properly represented. 


There are things that a tax professional can do that you can’t do when calling the IRS for an Offer In Compromise Program or Fresh Start Program.

First, a tax professional knows who to call and who to talk to within the IRS. That’s one of the things we’re very proud of here at Tax Relief Info. We know who to talk to so we can accomplish things quickly for you such as stopping wage garnishments and stopping threatening phone calls and letters from the IRS.

There are IRS reps who take phone calls from the public who want to generate revenue for the IRS, and then there are IRS reps who work in departments who want to make deals to not only generate revenue for the IRS but also want to bring taxpayers back into the system to generate future income for the IRS. We talk to the “right” IRS reps.


The IRS makes deals for things like the Offer In Compromise Program and the Fresh Start Program because it wants to bring non-compliant taxpayers back into compliance so that they will make future tax payments. Our tax professionals know how to reach those “dealmakers” and we can make deals that can get your tax debts resolved and get you back into the system so you don’t have future tax issues. Before you make a call yourself about the Fresh Start Program or the Offer In Compromise Program ask yourself if you can do that on your own?


We can get you started with the Offer In Compromise Program and the Fresh Start Program if you are qualified. It starts with a free phone call to our tax professionals and a free consultation with our tax pros who could be CPAs or Enrolled Agents or attorneys depending on your needs. Generally in about 15 minutes you and our tax professionals will know if the Offer In Compromise Program or the Fresh Start Program is right for you, or if there is another way to resolve your tax issues or IRS tax debt. And yes, there are other solutions to consider.

What really might surprise you is that often we get phone calls from people with tax problems who really don’t need our professional services — and right over the phone and at NO COST we can tell them how to resolve their tax issues and tax debt situation on their own.

Here’s something else that many other tax resolution or tax help firms won’t tell you: tax debts of less than $10,000 can often be resolved by taxpayers themselves without the need to pay any tax professionals any fees — and if you can do that we’ll be happy to tell you exactly how you can do that. So make use of our free consultation. And be assured that if you need our help, we’ll give you our best.

The Offer In Compromise Program and the Fresh Start Program are real. It’s a win-win situation when you can clear up your tax issues and we help you clear up your tax issues even when you don’t have to pay us a dime to do it because we know you’ll recommend us to others.