Warning: The IRS Says Taxpayers Aren’t Paying What They Owe.

The IRS has a new report on the tax gap which is an estimate of how much tax evasion there is. This is a sign that more tax enforcement is coming. It’s a warning.

4,000 New IRS Agents Are On The Job Now. 1,000 More Are Coming By 2023.

As many as 5,000 new IRS employees will be on the job by the end of the year. What this means for clearing up the backlog at the IRS and the impact on your tax issues.

New Rules May Put Pressure On Gig Workers In 2023.

Here’s something new that starts in 2023 and it will impact anyone who works in the gig economy selling merchandise or providing services.

How Inflation Helps You Save On Taxes And Makes You Pay More On Your Tax Debt.

Inflation and higher interest rates are either helping your tax situation or making it more difficult for you to pay off your tax debt. Here’s what higher interest rates are doing.

You Can Save More Money For Retirement Starting In 2023. Limits Go Up For IRA And 401(k) And Other Accounts.

The IRS says you may now be able to save more for retirement. Inflation adjustments for retirement plan contributions have been announced for 2023.

Adjust Your IRS Tax Withholding Now To Prevent A Big 2022 Tax Bill In 2023.

There’s still time in 2022 to prevent a big tax bill when you file your 2022 IRS tax return. And think twice about getting a big refund.

The IRS Wants You To Consider An Offer In Compromise.

The IRS wants delinquent taxpayers to apply for an Offer In Compromise to get a fresh start. We think you should talk to a tax professional first.

The IRS Has Just Announced Inflation Adjustments For 2023.

The IRS has just issued inflation adjustments for 2023 that you will use when you file your 2023 taxes in 2024. Discuss these with your tax professional and plan ahead.