You’ve heard so much about the IRS Fresh Start Program over the years but you really don’t know if it applies to you? This article will help answer some of your questions.

First, the Fresh Start Program as it is commonly called helps taxpayers who owe the IRS. The IRS is sometimes willing to reduce the amount owed — and sometimes eliminate the amount owed — if the taxpayer is having serious financial problems. But that’s the rub. What you might consider financial serious financial problems the IRS might consider a bad living budget. This is why you need to consult with professionals such as the tax pros at Legal Tax Defense to be sure you don’t get steamrolled by the IRS. 

Officially, under certain circumstances, taxpayers can have their federal tax debt partially forgiven. The IRS has family budget guidelines and if you can’t meet those basic budget guidelines the IRS can eliminate your tax debt. But do you know what those budget guidelines include? You’d be surprised. And you’d be more surprised by what those budget guidelines do not include.

Are you trying to pay down your credit card balances? Guess what — the IRS doesn’t really care about your credit card balances. Are you trying to buy healthy foods for your family? Guess what — the IRS doesn’t care about healthy foods, and the budget guidelines from the IRS might mean a fixed diet of rice and beans. Are you trying to have Christmas with your family? Guess what — there is no room in the IRS budget for family entertainment.

The IRS makes available on its website a questionnaire that tells you if you qualify for its Fresh Start Program or an Offer In Compromise but be ready to live like Tom Hanks in the Castaway to qualify — unless you get the help of tax professionals who know how to negotiate with the IRS.

Tax professionals, like those at Legal Tax Defense, know how to talk turkey with the IRS decision makers — not the “revenue agents” that consumers talk to when they call the IRS directly. Revenue agents are nothing more than bill collectors, and they are not negotiators.

But be careful which tax pros you go to. There are scammers who pretend to be on the side of taxpayers who in reality only want your money. You need true tax professionals with a long history of trust and performance and that’s what Legal Tax Defense can give you.

Not everyone will qualify for the Fresh Start Initiative or the Offer In Compromise. Your taxes must be up to date. Your withholding must be correct. You must have the proper financial records. The experts at Legal Tax Defense will guide you; it’s hard or impossible to do this yourself.

Together with your tax professional, there are tax solutions that can be used. Be sure you can take advantage of a free consultation so you can consider your options.