There have been a lot of comments about my tax help blogs here on this website, and a lot of questions, too. The most common question and problem comes from taxpayers who have been waiting months or even a year to get their IRS refund.
Yes, the IRS has a serious backlog of processing tax returns and especially paper returns. This is why you should file electronically when possible. When you file electronically you not only get a receipt that you’ve filed your return, but the IRS can tell you if there are any differences between the income you reported and the W2s, W2Gs, 1099s and other income reports that the IRS has received. Getting this information about a discrepancy early can save you time and money.


But there could be other reasons your tax refund is being delayed. For example there is a discrepancy in the income you reported. Or possibly, someone has impersonated you and has succeeded in getting your refund. Yes, you might be the victim of identity theft.

Your refund might be held up because there is a tax debt you weren’t aware of. Perhaps you need to talk to a tax expert about the Innocent Spouse Relief that the IRS offers?

The tax experts at Tax Relief Info are happy to talk to you about your missing refund. They are offering a free consultation and you might discover that there is in fact another issue delaying your IRS tax refund.


Here’s the phone number to call the tax experts at Tax Relief Info for a free consultation: (800) 322-2414

One of the tax experts will be happy to discuss your missing tax refund with you, and they might help you discover the reason it’s delayed. These days the most common reason is that the IRS is just swamped. The IRS has been understaffed for the last two years and it started with the Covid pandemic and the shutdowns that effectively stopped the IRS from doing much of its business. But now the IRS is clearing its backlog and new employees are being hired to accomplish that. 

Again it’s a free call. The tax experts at Tax Relief Info just might be able to solve your missing tax refund puzzle. 

Also remember that the Information on this website is free to use. There are no memberships or subscription fees unlike some other websites operated by other companies including news outlets. So check this site for the latest IRS news. 

Remember that you can also call the tax resolution experts here for a free consultation about the IRS Fresh Start Program and the Offer In Compromise Program, as well as the Innocent Spouse Relief. The phone call and the consultation really are free. And our experts can discuss with you other ways to handle your tax debt including IRS payment plans in case you are not eligible for the IRS Fresh Start Program and the IRS Offer In Compromise Program.

Our tax resolution experts are ready to give you a free consultation about the Fresh Start Program. Make the call.