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For the last several years, taxpayers have been reminded that the IRS offers a Fresh Start Program which is also known as the Fresh Start Initiative. A lot of tax resolution companies advertise this program — even if they omit that the program is available only on a case-by-case basis and uses strict guidelines. In some cases, these unscrupulous tax resolution companies are using bait and switch advertising to lure customers into other, more expensive tax assistance. And even the IRS warns that some of these companies advertising the Fresh Start Program could be scammers just trying to get your money.

We have a reputation for being upfront and honest about how we can use the Fresh Start Program to help you. And we offer a lot of information free of charge so you can make an informed decision. That’s important to us.

But we have found that not everyone is aware of the Fresh Start Program and certain demographic groups are more likely to use it. We’re glad you’re reading this article because hopefully, the Fresh Start Program can help you. 

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History Of The Fresh Start Program 

The Fresh Start Program was started about ten years ago to help struggling taxpayers clear their balance sheets and get back into the tax system by clearing up their tax debt. It’s viewed as a win-win situation: taxpayers get relief and the IRS returns taxpayers to the system to collect future tax revenue from them. 

While the Fresh Start Program, which can wipe out a tax debt, is open to all qualifying taxpayers, statistics show that it is primarily used by older taxpayers including Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. (Gen Xers are older? Yes, and sorry.)

Statistics also show that the Fresh Start Program is under-utilized. It’s like leaving money on the table, You won’t know if you qualify, and you won’t know what help you can get unless you ask about it. And that’s where we come in: we offer free information about the Fresh Start Program and whether you will qualify. 

So now is the time to find out. Tax debt not only means an endless stream of letters from the IRS but it can also mean wage garnishments, seizures of your assets, and ruined credit. It can be avoided. Finding out if you qualify and what help you can get should be the first step to take right now. 

Need to resolve your tax debt? Click here and start your Fresh Start today.