The IRS Is Serious About Your Gig Worker Taxes

The IRS is serious about your gig worker income and taxes, so you need to manage your deductions carefully.

The IRS Fresh Start Program Can Wipe Out Your Tax Debt

The Fresh Start Program can offer natural relief to taxpayers who owe thousands of dollars in back taxes…

October Tax Extension Coming Due

If you didn’t file your 2021 tax return this past April and you asked for the extension, remember the extension deadline is October 17th.

2022 Is When The IRS Steps Up Collections

The IRS will Give More Penalties to Taxpayers in 2022 This year,…

This IRS Fresh Start Program Can Save You

The Fresh Start Initiative, is a program that the IRS uses to help taxpayers who would never be able to pay off their outstanding tax debts.

Who Uses The Fresh Start Program?

The Fresh Start Program was started about ten years ago to help struggling taxpayers clear their balance sheets and get back into the tax system by clearing up their tax debt.

The Federal Government is Offering Tax Relief to Even More Americans in 2022

Many could qualify for tax relief, but they never took the time to check their eligibility…

Don’t Agree To An IRS Payment Plan Too Quickly

No one wants to owe money to the IRS and no one wants a…